May 16 – 17, 2019 “E-Health and personalized medicine”
EPP Symposium

Electronic health (eHealth) is an emerging field in the intersection of technology advantages and health care. eHealth offers great possibilities for accelerating the latest research results towards clinical practice and opens doors for the application of personalized medicine. Indeed, using e-Health, it is possible to move away from a “one size fits all” approach but allows tailored psychological interventions to result in the best treatment or outcome.


For this two-day symposium, we will invite expert speakers to discuss all steps in an eHealth/personalized medicine application: setting up the design, data collection, data analyses, markers for personalized medicine, etc. in a wide variety of psychopathological problems (e.g., anxiety, depression, substance use, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD). In addition, speakers will also focus on eHealth interventions that aim at improving mental health, whether or not based on a personalized approach. During the symposium, there will be a practical assignment.

May 16- 17, 2019

Kapellerput, Heeze, The Netherlands


Lien Faelens (UGENT), Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt (UGENT), Danielle Remmerswaal (EUR)