PhD training program

The goal of the program is the education of highly qualified, autonomous and critical scientific researchers in the area of psychopathology and mental health care. The training program consists of:

  • Conducting research, under supervision of one or more senior scientists in the EPP domain of research. The research is reported in a PhD dissertation and in scientific articles.
  • Training in general research skills and domain specific education in experimental psychopathology, as offered by EPP and outside this research school.
  • Attendance of colloquia and conferences
  • Presenting work at colloquia and conferences




What is EPP research 2-3 October 2024

EPP Symposium 157


Multilevel Analyses, (longitudinal) dyadic data analyses, 2-3 December 2024

EPP Symposium 158


Innovative technologies in psychopathology, 13-14 February 2025

EPP symposium 159


Annual PhD Day April 3rd 2025

EPP Symposium 160


Annual EPP Day April 4th 2025

EPP Symposium 161


Autobiographical memory and identity in psychopathology, 22-23 May 2025

EPP Symposium 162


Social-cultural context of psychopathology 30 – 31 May 2024

EPP symposium 156


Annual EPP Day 19 April 2024

EPP Symposium 155


Annual PhD Day 18 April 2024

EPP symposium 154


Reward processing in psychopathology 8 – 9 February 2024

EPP Symposium 153


For who?

The EPP symposia are primarily organised for the EPP PhD students. Senior and candidate EPP members are also welcome if space allows. External PhD students are also welcome, space permitting, but they need to pay a fee. The EPP board urges EPP PhD students to participate in as many symposia as possible to gain knowledge in the broad domain of EPP research.

PROGRAMME 2024 – 2025

  • 2-3 October 2024: What is EPP research?
  • 2-3 December 2024: Multi-level analyses, (longitudinal) dyadic data analyses
  • 13-14 February 2025: Innovative technologies in psyhopathology
  • 3 April 2025: PhD Day
  • 4 April 2025: EPP Day
  • 22-23 May 2025: Autobiographical memory and identity in psychopathology